Current Suomi NPP Data Fusion Team: 

Bryan A. Baum (PI, Science and Technology Corp.),
Elisabeth Weisz (Co-Investigator; SSEC, UW-Madison) and W. Paul Menzel (Collaborator, SSEC, UW-Madison)

VIIRS+CrIS Data Fusion Radiances

Our team (including Elisabeth Weisz and Paul Menzel at UW-Madison) developed a method to construct infrared absorption bands for VIIRS at 750-m spatial resolution. The imager-sounder fusion technique uses VIIRS and CrIS (Cross-track Infrared Sounder) data to construct the missing bands at high spatial resolution. Our fusion software is now fully integrated at the Atmosphere SIPS and is in operations. Each fusion granule provides 6 minutes of IR radiances constructed using the spectral response functions for Aqua MODIS channels 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 30, 33, 34, 35, and 36. The granules also provide radiances for VIIRS bands M15 and M16. The reason for including fusion-based VIIRS bands M15 and M16 is to compare measured-to-fusion window band radiances at the pixel level. This can provide pixel-to-pixel error statistics necessary for optimal estimation algorithms.

For a given day, there are up to 240 granules (in NetCDF4). Radiances are provided for the full VIIRS scan swath but as noted in our 2017 paper, the radiances outside the sounder swath have a small warm bias. We do not correct for additional water vapor absorption or carbon dioxide absorption for VIIRS pixels outside of the sounder swath. Also note that the deleted bowtie pixels are replaced with nearest neighbor values for those algorithms that depend on pixel arrays.

The full record of VIIRS-CrIS fusion radiances is available for both the Suomi-NPP and NOAA-20 (JPSS-1) platforms. The fusion products and supporting documentation are available at the Level-1 and Atmosphere Archive & Distribution System (LAADS; NASA Goddard Space Flight Center). The following links provide access to users interested in acquiring these products, which are free of charge. All users need to register with NASA Earthdata to obtain a login account through the NASA User Registration System (URS) page ( For additional help on any aspect of searching for or acquiring these products, contact LAADS User Services.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as it will be of immense help for improving the process, and we hope that you will find this to be useful in your work.

Links to the Fusion Product and Documentation at LAADS 

1. The VIIRS+CrIS Fusion product page provides an overview and documentation

2. To perform a specific geographical search for the S-NPP VIIRS+CrIS fusion product

3. To perform a specific geographical search for the NOAA-20 VIIRS+CrIS fusion product

4. Direct access to the S-NPP VIIRS+CrIS fusion product archive

5. Direct access to the NOAA-20 VIIRS+CrIS fusion product archive